Czech Technical University, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, releases scheme and technical description of the CoroVent ventilator accompanied by the corresponding Corovent Temporary Open Licence. Both documents can be downloaded here:

Technical description: Schema-a-popis-funkce-ventilatoru-CoroVent-v3.1 (In Czech only; the original, very first version. For English and updated version please go to CoroVent section).

CoroVent Temporary Open Licence: Temporary-Open-Licence-CoroVent

Technical details are described and updated at CoroVent section.

Additional and updated information can be found at

Credits for the design of CoroVent goes to the following CVUT FBMI people:

Ladislav Bís – engineer
Lenka Horáková, MD – engineer, medical advisor
Petr Kudrna, PhD – regulatory advisor
Martin Mayer, PhD – regulatory advisor
Martin Muller, MD – engineer, medical advisor
Václav Ort, MEng – inventor
Jakub Ráfl, PhD – engineer
Karel Roubík, PhD – inventor, project leader
Ida Skopalova, MEng – public relations
Šimon Walzel, BSc – engineer, team coordinator