Non-conventional Ventilatory Team (NVT)

Our research is aimed at all aspects of artificial lung ventilation: theoretical analyses, modeling, design of respiratory care equipment, animal ventilatory experiments, clinical trials and education in respiratory care. We are focused especially on High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation (HFOV), heliox and Electrical Impedance Tomography in respiratory care. NVT is based at Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.

Latest news

Vláďa and Marek won the first prize at the Conference POSTER 2016


Our NVT members Vladimír Sobota and Marek Langer won the first prize at the conference POSTER 2016, section “Biomedical Engineering”.

The name of the winning contribution is “Regional Time Constants Determined by Electrical Impedance Tomography are Affected by Ventilatory Paremeters”.


Poster 2016



Journal Club: Publishing papers… Pitfalls and Tricks


We invite you to join us during our NVT Journal Club on the topic:

How to publish a biomedical engineering paper in a medical journal—Pitfalls and Tricks

on Monday, April 18, 2016, at 17:00, room C-2 (salonek) at FBMI ČVUT.

The moderator will be Thomas E. Bachman, Lake Arrowhead, California, USA.

Good atmosphere and excellent wine is guaranteed!

Václav Ort won the 19th John H. Emerson award in Salt Lake City, UT, USA


Vašek Ort won the 19th John Haven Emerson award in Snowbird nr. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, for his research work aimed at measurement of dynamic hyperinflation and hypoinflation during HFOV using electrical impedance tomography, presented at the 33rd Annual Conference on High Frequency Ventilation and Critical Care of Infants, Children & Adults.



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