Respiratory Therapist’s Rubbish

Why do we deal with breathing and respiratory therapy?

Here are some facts:

Breathing never goes out of style.

If you breathe, you inspire.
If you don’t, you expire!
(For sure.)

Air is much better tolerated than alcohol.

An average person breathes in the equivalent of 13 pints of air every single minute, whereas our average consumption rate of beer is only 4.1 pints a day.

In fact, the situation is much worse, because the corresponding median is only 0.5 pint a day!

Confuse your colleagues!

Try this mobile phone ringtone that is a copy of the well known critical alarm sound of Draeger ventilators! Enjoy observing the confused RTs and clinicians at a grill party looking around and searching for a disconnected ventilator circuit when your mobile phone rings. (As we are mostly engineers, we have stolen this sound directly from the electronics of a commercial ventilator of an unknowwn company started with “D”, probably :-).

[download WARNING ring]

Demand Flow System

One of the main projects solved by our team is the Demand Flow System (DFS). Our colleagues ask us to explain them the basic science behind the DFS. A simple and very clear explanation of the DFS principle is in this video.


When we celebrate…

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Download our logo

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Our Hoodies

Blue and pink versions are available! Any bember of our team can have it for free, but nobody from outside!


Why do we use two similar logos?

The first says about the lungs: “Non-stop open”, the second says: “Non-stop opened”. Some RTs thinks that if the recruited lungs are a result of their therapy, we should use “opened lungs”; but, in general, if we follow the “Open Lung Concept”, we should probably use “Non-stop open”…

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