Non-conventional Ventilatory Team (NVT)

Our research is aimed at all aspects of artificial lung ventilation: theoretical analyses, modeling, design of respiratory care equipment, animal ventilatory experiments, clinical trials and education in respiratory care. We are focused especially on High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation (HFOV), heliox and Electrical Impedance Tomography in respiratory care. NVT is based at Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.

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Important milestones in the development of the emergency ventilator CoroVent

Důležité milníky vývoje nouzového plicního ventilátoru CoroVent

HACK THE CRISIS (23. 6. 2020)

2nd place in the competition HACKATHON: HACK THE CRISIS
Price: 2 000 000 Kč

Published by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade
Published by the Czech Technical University in Prague


CoroVent has been certified by the US government agency FDA (21. 8. 2020)

The Czech emergency ventilator CoroVent has been approved by the US government agency FDA for emergency use in medical facilities for the treatment of patients with Covid-19, under the conditions set out in the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization).

FDA: Covid-19 emergency use authorizations: medical devices – ventilators


Český plicní ventilátor vyvinutý během pandemie koronaviru získal certifikaci od americké vladní agentury FDA.

Published by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade
Published by the Czech Technical University in Prague


CoroVent obtained permission to be used in hospitals for Covid-19 patients
(22. 10. 2020)


Hospodářské noviny
Plicní ventilátory z ČVUT smí do českých nemocnic. Od ministerstva získaly povolení pro nouzové využití


Tisková zpráva ČVUT
Press release by the Czech Technical University in Prague

The first use of the emergency ventilator CoroVent (5. 11. 2020)

Physicians of the Department of Anaesthesiology, Perioperative and Intensive Care, Faculty of Health Studies, J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem and Krajská zdravotní, a. s. – Masaryk Hospital in Ústí nad Labem, o. z. (KAPIM) were the first in the Czech Republic to use the CoroVent emergency ventilator.

Press release by KZČR


Innovators 2020

A professor, Karel Roubík, from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Czech Technical University began in the 1990s in Podolí, Prague, at the Institute for the care of Mother and Child, where he designed unconventional ventilatory techniques. This came in handy last spring 2020 when there was a threat of an acute shortage of ventilators in hospitals. And so he prepared a prototype with his small team, for which tens of millions of crowns were raised in record time. The CoroVent project created several hundred ventilators that were not needed in hospitals in the end, but the event showed how efficient, fast and innovative the local technology community can be.

Hospodářské noviny – Innovators 2020



Description of CoroVent Ventilator and the Corovent Temporary Open Licence

Czech Technical University, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, releases scheme and technical description of the CoroVent ventilator accompanied by the corresponding Corovent Temporary Open Licence. Both documents can be downloaded here:

Technical description: Schema-a-popis-funkce-ventilatoru-CoroVent-v3.1 (In Czech only; the original, very first version. For English and updated version please go to CoroVent section).

CoroVent Temporary Open Licence: Temporary-Open-Licence-CoroVent

Technical details are described and updated at CoroVent section.

Additional and updated information can be found at

Credits for the design of CoroVent goes to the following CVUT FBMI people:

Ladislav Bís – engineer
Lenka Horáková, MD – engineer, medical advisor
Petr Kudrna, PhD – regulatory advisor
Martin Mayer, PhD – regulatory advisor
Martin Muller, MD – engineer, medical advisor
Václav Ort, MEng – inventor
Jakub Ráfl, PhD – engineer
Karel Roubík, PhD – inventor, project leader
Ida Skopalova, MEng – public relations
Šimon Walzel, BSc – engineer, team coordinator


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